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Noble Kava in Europe

Kavaha is the producer of Noble Kava Kava from Fiji and Vanuatu. We offer certified Kava Kava with confirmed high kavalactone scale (min. 12%). We guarantee fast and safe courier delivery to EU countries, straight to your door! Welcome to the world of Pacific Kava and our Noble Kava online shop!


Noble Kava in Europe

Wat is kava? Meer in het Nederlands!  – soon!

Kava Kava: basic information

What is Kava Kava?

Kava Kava (Methistine Pepper – Latin: Piper methysticum) is a tropical plant grown solely in the Pacific Islands. For more than three thousand years, its roots have been used to make a drink with unique, relaxing and deeply relaxing properties. And with the same name: KAVA!






Kavaha is Noble quality Kava Kava, ready to make a traditional drink that will relax your tense body and clear your head. Because only deep relaxation allows you to regain your natural harmony!

Who is Kava Kava for?

Effects and properties of Kava

Kava’s unique effect is caused by its active ingredients – the kavalactones. Thanks to kavalactones, Kava affects, among other things, the limbic system and regulates emotional states such as satisfaction, pleasure or even euphoria. But Kava is not only about pleasure! 

Kava for deep relaxation 

Kava relaxes the body and mind. Helps to regain inner balance and harmony. It is a natural remedy for stress and everyday tensions.

Kava for healthy sleep

Kava doesn’t just make it easier to fall asleep, but more importantly to have a healthy and restorative sleep. It helps to regain our natural biorhythm.

Kava for women

Kava has a natural muscle tension-reducing and local anaesthetic effects. In Pacific traditions, it is also used as a natural support to alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Kava for massage

Kava relaxes tense muscles and clears the head. Simply drink it about half an hour before a massage session to intensify its effect!

Kava for athletes

In addition to its relaxing effect, Kava has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes faster regeneration of the body. It is worth drinking after training – especially if you want to calm your body before bedtime.

Kava for alcohol drinkers – the perfect alternative!
If you choose alcohol to de-stress or relax at home or at a party, reach for Kava: you’ll feel a wave of relaxation, improve your mood, boost your eloquence and…. you won’t lose your control! Kava does not stupefy!

Kava Kava: adaptogen from the Pacific islands

Discover the adaptogenic effects of Kava

Stress is not something unnatural. Even if its background is work, cultural norms or expectations, at the level of the body, stress is a natural, evolutionary response of the organism to a state of emergency. Adaptogens are the body’s natural response to stress: helping the body to adapt to emergency situations. Adaptogens are unique, plant-based support for regaining internal balance. You can read about the adaptogenic properties of Methystine Pepper here. [coming soon]

Safety: is Kava addictive?

Why Kava Kava is safe

Kava Kava does not disturb mental clarity and is not addictive. On the contrary! It works on the principle of reverse tolerance. The more often you drink Kava, the better your body reacts to its active ingredients. As a result, you need smaller portions to feel its relaxing effects! This is especially worth bearing in mind at the beginning – the first contact with Kava rarely brings the expected sensations. The right effects only come with subsequent sessions of Kava!


You can drink Kava at work, at home or at a party. And it works best on an empty stomach!


Our most popular Kava Kava

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Which Kava to choose?

Noble varieties in the Kavaha shop

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If you don’t know how to choose the best Kava for you or are just starting out in the world of Kava, visit our short guide!


For deep relaxation after a hard day, for calming down, relaxing muscles and relieving tension. Perfect for drinking in the evening: it helps you to fall asleep and gives you a healthy and regenerating sleep.


For inner balance, for purification of body and mind. Great for both inner peace and drinking together with friends: it helps to improve social relations and makes you more open to conversation.