Kava Kava: more than just relax

Kava Kava roots

In an overstimulated world, even relaxation becomes a stimulus:

something quick and short-term. Just to ‘reset’ or ‘recharge the batteries’.

Kava Kava is not another stimulus. In the world of Kava




This is the only way we can regain our inner balance.

Restore healthy sleep – without pills.

Freedom – without boosters.

Stress resilience – on a daily basis.

To find harmony with our own nature.

Kava requires sincerity. That is why we offer Kava of the highest quality, of noble origin, safe for consumption.

We take care of the selection of plantations, the selection and long maturation of the plants, but also the relationships with suppliers, drying and milling standards, regular testing, high levels of kavalactones and safety certifications.

We also bring you closer to the tradition and culture of Kava. Not only the drinking ceremony, but also the myths, perceptions or customs associated with this unique plant. Its special meaning for the identity of the South Pacific islanders.

We are Kavaha.

Enter our world!

Is Kava safe?

Kava safety standards

The process of creating our products meets the most rigorous requirements right from the initial stage of growing and selecting the roots. The farmers working with us get a higher price for Kava Kava roots than the market average. This way we support the development of their crops and promote a fair-trade culture. The roots are examined and classified. From each approved batch, individual samples are randomly selected for preliminary sensory and chemical analysis. Only the highest quality raw materials are used for production. More about our production process here.

All stages of Kavaha’s Kava production have both Polish and Australian certification for the implementation of the HACCP.

Our factories are also certified by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA.

Laboratory tests are carried out in the American laboratories of Wonderland Labs.

Natural products

Without any additives.

Noble selection

It only comes in Noble form.

12%-14% kavalactones

Perfect Balance and Deep Calm varieties.

HACCP certification

It covers all stages of production.

FDA certified

Our factories are FDA certified.

Wonderland Labs

Tested in American laboratories.