Kava Powder or Instant?

What is the difference between Kavaha Powder and Kavaha Instant? Let’s take a look at the properties of both forms and answer some basic questions, such as: how the Powder and Instant forms are prepared, whether they have the same properties and effects, who they are intended for, in which situations they work best, and which one is more effective for stimulating the senses?

Traditional preparation of Kava Kava

Over the thousands of years that Kava has been cultivated in the Pacific Islands, various traditions have developed for preparing and using the roots of methistine pepper. Depending on the region, mortars and pestles or limestone and coral quern-stones would be used to finely grind the dried roots, with the ground Kava then undergoing lengthy and elaborate ceremonies, including manual soaking and draining of the aqueous extract. Kavaha also draws on this tradition.

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This is precisely the purpose for which Kavaha Powder was designed: squeezing out your own drink from soaked powdered roots. It means that you not only enjoy the unique properties of Kava, but you also get a feeling for its ceremonial aspects. This kneading by hand and direct contact with water is not just about tradition, however, as it also helps to give you better control over each individual serving. Each squeeze of the Kava bag affects how many of the active ingredients – kavalactones – are released into the water. The colour of the extract is one of the things that tells you if it’s the right strength or not. You can see at a glance if it’s strong enough, or if you need to keep kneading a bit longer. The preparation of each Kava session is therefore a very individual matter, especially since each strainer bag with Kava roots can be used more than once.

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How Kava Instant is made

What is the difference in the way that Kavaha Instant and Kavaha Powder are produced? Both forms use the same roots, whose quality and origin, plantations, selection, testing and certification, and preparation procedures (including drying and grinding), etc. are also all exactly the same. Extraction only takes place during the final stage of Kava preparation. Kavaha guarantees that the only method used in this process is water extraction (not alcohol extraction). So how does it work?

In a nutshell, Kavaha Instant is traditionally prepared Kava for drinking, which has simply had the water evaporated from it. Just add it to water or your favourite beverage, stir well and enjoy its relaxing effects.

Properties of Kava Powder and Kava Instant

The water extraction (neutral evaporation) doesn’t affect the qualities of the Kava Kava roots, and the active ingredients retain their unique properties throughout the whole process. The only aspect to bear in mind is the temperature of the beverages that you mix your Kava Instant with. For the kavalactones to have the full 100% effect on your body, the temperature of the liquid must not exceed 40-50 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the water temperature should also not exceed 40 degrees when you prepare Kavaha Powder.

Powder or Instant – which one is better for whom?

The same roots, the same properties… Does the world need the Instant form? We’ve already mentioned that all you have to do is pour it in and mix it, but ease of use isn’t everything. The quick preparation of Kavaha Instant means you can enjoy its unique effects in almost any everyday situation. Stress at work? Kids getting under your skin and needing your constant attention? Sudden menstrual pain? Difficult conditions, such as a long train journey lasting hours? If you are unable, or simply not inclined, to spend the time needed to patiently soak and squeeze the Kava roots in the Powder form, you will find Kava Instant is a handy alternative offering instant relief and soothing. It gives you the sense of freedom and confidence that wherever you are, you can always count on its instant action.

Kavaha Powder and Kavaha Instant are not designed for different recipients. One day you may feel like having your Kava prepared in the traditional method and another day you might need it in instant form. Or you might invite some friends over for a communal drinking ceremony one day and the next take some Kavaha to a party or picnic. The different forms of Kava are not intended to suit different groups, but rather different preferences and situations. Taste is probably the only exception…

Instant and Powder vs taste and the senses

It’s no secret that the specific, bitter taste of Kava roots can take some people a while to get used to. For them, we would especially recommend Kavaha Instant, which goes well with a wide variety of flavours. Added to a juice, smoothie or cocktail, it doesn’t overpower the drink with its own flavour, allowing you to fully enjoy the original taste of the beverage. When mixed with water, meanwhile, it allows you to get creative with additives such as fruits, syrups or milks. In that sense, Kavaha Instant can also have its own ritual. The traditional method of preparing Kava – by squeezing it yourself – involves touching it and watching the water soak in. The instant way of preparing the drink, on the other hand, can offer you space to play around with flavours and aromas (such as cinnamon) – which we heartily encourage. After all, true relaxation starts with the senses!

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