Naturally, we have everything under control – how Kavaha is made.

The process of creating our products meets the most rigorous requirements right from the initial stage of growing and selecting the roots. The farmers working with us get a higher price for Kava Kava roots than the market average. This way we support the development of their crops and promote a fair-trade culture.

All stages of Kavaha’s Kava production have both Polish and Australian certification for the implementation of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System). It’s a globally used food safety management and a universal method for systematically assessing the possibility of hazards and identifying methods of eliminating them during food production. Our factories are also certified by the American food and Drug Administration FDA.

The roots are examined and classified. From each approved batch, individual samples are randomly selected for preliminary sensory and chemical analysis. Only the highest quality raw materials are used for production. Each batch is placed in a separate bag and labelled with the place of origin.

Fresh roots are cleaned of fine roots, then weighed and soaked for about 10 minutes. The soaking process is followed by washing lasting approx. 30 minutes. Clean Kava roots are laid out on special racks and dried in the open air for 4-6 hours.

The pre-dried roots are weighed again and placed in temperature-controlled dryers for approx. 24 hours. Dried roots are shredded, during this process their humidity is tested and if it still exceeds the acceptable level, the shredded roots are returned to the dryer.

The fully dried roots go to a crusher, where they are ground into a powder form. This important step reduces the particle volume of the product without changing its properties. Thanks to this process, we can simplify the preparation of Kavaha’s Kava at home.

After the grinding stage, we prepare Kavaha DAILY BREAK, Kavaha DEEP CALM  and Kavaha PERFECT BALANCE. At this point, samples are taken again for laboratory and sensory testing. Laboratory tests are carried out in the American laboratories of Wonderland Labs. It is scored by, among others, content of lactones, bacteria and heavy metals. Samples are subjected to random and comparative taste tests. If the product meets all of the Kavaha’s Kava standards, it goes to packaging and it ends up in your hands.

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