Kavaha greets you. BULA!

Bula, friends! The kindest word that is said every now and then in the South Pacific islands. 

BULA is the joy of life, a smile. Nothing expresses a positive attitude towards the surrounding world and people as much as this word. ‘Bula bula’ (pronounced boo-LAH!) is the most popular greeting of the Fijian people.

BULA has an endless number of meanings and uses: its literal translation is ‘life’. BULA is also commonly used as a greeting, when it carries a message of good health: – as a formal greeting it is ‘Ni sa bula Vinaka’ or ‘Good luck and good health’. BULA is also for ‘bless you’ when someone coughs or sneezes.

The BULA shout is a mandatory part of the Kava drinking ritual. The person receiving the drink should clap, drink Kava, clap again and say “BULA!”

BULA is an incentive not to take everyday life too seriously. Many things are beyond our control, so it is worth living life to the full and accepting what tomorrow brings with a smile.


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