Is Kava a natural aphrodisiac?

Is Kava an aphrodisiac? There is still a discussion around this question. It is perhaps not a particularly fierce dispute, or one of those quarrels that eventually end in bed, but … Seriously though, this discussion is so fascinating because intimate, personal experiences are intertwined with clinical research and scientific analysis. Spice is also added by subtly erotic legends from the Pacific islands. So let’s get closer to answering this intriguing question.

In some pacific island cultures (especially Samoa), Kava has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac and stimulant. But how exactly does it work on our sexual drive? An accidental discovery is the reason for an in-depth research on this issue. In the first clinical study on Kava’s roots – aimed at another aspect, namely the effect of Methystine Pepper on anxiety relief – it was found that Kava intake increased sexual desire in women (University of Melbourne, 2013). While the researchers suggest that this is a mental “unlocking” effect rather than an aphrodisiac, they also suggest that further research is needed into this finding. What is the difference between the action of aphrodisiacs and – generally speaking – mental attitude, willingness to interact with another person, or an increasing readiness for a sexual intercourse?

Aphrodisiacs are natural substances that increase our sex drive and capabilities or intensify the experience we get from sex. When we talk about oysters, chocolate, spices and herbs (cinnamon, ginger or lovation), champagne, coffee or yohimbine, as the most widely known aphrodisiacs, we focus primarily on their hormonal impact – on the bio-chemical reaction, the effect of which may be, for example, an increase in the desire for sex. There is only one “but” – libido is not just biology. Sexual desire is also influenced by the psyche, and in this regard the influence of Kava is not to be underestimated.

How Kavaha Helps You To Get Closer

Forget blockages

In face-to-face contact, we face several barriers: insecurities (physical or material), social norms, and finally mental brakes. Kava helps to lift mental blockages and opens you up to another person. It also helps you just to be yourself – relaxed and free from ordinary restraints.

Nothing is more seducing than a lack of interest?

This familiar formula may sound like Casanova’s guide, but let’s be honest – your tension is always sensed by the other side. It’s always an obstacle, never an invitation. If we some nervous laughter, hyperactivity, excessive gesticulation, etc., it would be difficult to achieve a good environment for intimate relations. Nerves are also the first step to mis-reading the intentions of a partner (or potential partner). Kava, on the other hand, helps to relax the body and regain inner peace, eliminate excessive, non-sexual arousal. This also makes us more confident and in control, in turns making us more attractive as a sexual partner.

Let’s focus on each other

How many times have stress and responsibilities bothered you so much that you could not focus on yourself (on your needs and pleasures) or even more so on the other person? Kava helps to clear your head, reduce daily tensions and forget about minor worries. This makes it easier to focus on yourself and your partner, even in bed. And this, in turn, translates into the quality of sensations, the length of intercourse or just pure passion, free from distractions.

Let’s talk about what can happen

All the best things start with a conversation. And thanks to Kava, conversations immediately become more open and friendly. Full of smiles, good emotions and unforced intimacy.

All these factors affect our sex life, albeit on a different basis than classic aphrodisiacs. Does this mean that when choosing Kava, we must give up all aphrodisiac heritage? Legacy is not too big a word, because we are talking about traditions that date back thousands of years. Already in ancient China, India, Egypt or Europe, potions based on aphrodisiacs were prepared. Some of them we know from hieroglyphs, others survived in living cultural memory (such as “love” for ginger in China). Why not draw from such experience? When drinking Kava, remember that it works great with non-obvious flavour combinations, and that it’s worth trying it with all sorts of additives. Whether it be cinnamon (an aphrodisiac especially popular in medieval Europe) or maybe vanilla (appreciated by the Aztecs), we are limited only by our imagination.

For taste experiments we recommend especially Kavaha in the Instant form, which will soon appear in our store! Just pour it into any drink or water and add your favorite aphrodisiac ingredients. In a few moments we will achieve a relaxing effect, a richer taste and release the action of aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs refer to the mythical Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensual love, the wife of Hephaestus and the mistress of Ares, with whom she had, amongst others, Harmony and Eros. Myths are therefore another place where Kava’s harmonious action is intertwined with eroticism. One of the most popular stories about Kava’s origins is the legend of Vanuatu. He talks about two sisters working on the river. One of them, crouching over the water, suddenly felt a rush of immense pleasure. It turned out that between her legs grew a Kava plant. The sisters take the unknown plant home and begin to grow it. After a few years, they show their discovery to other members of the community.

Regardless of the cultural circle, aphrodisiacs were once given only to men. Stimulating male drive was the only measure of whether a substance gained its unique aphrodisiac status. In other words, aphrodisiacs were selected for testosterone, not for estrogen (affecting the reception of sexual stimuli in women). Today, with greater knowledge of female bodies, and especially female sexuality, we still lack the same offer of aphrodisiacs for women. This disproportion, however, does not apply to Kava, which helps both men and women.

Therefore, at the earliest occasion, when you have two portions of Kavaha, think warmly about Harmony and Eros.


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