Kava is a plant, also known as methystine pepper or KavaKava. It comes from the South Pacific islands, although today it is known practically throughout the entire Pacific Ocean region. But Kava is also a drink (specifically: an extract) made from the roots of this unique plant. A drink whose ceremonial preparation has an equally rich, more than three thousand year old, tradition. Once hand-kneaded, today carefully ground and dried Kava roots create the same unique and natural drink, available to all who crave inner harmony.

Kavaha consists of carefully selected, dried and thoroughly ground Kava roots. Ready for immediate use and self-preparation of an essential spicy drink – also known as Kava! Noble selection, natural origin, quality guaranteed (confirmed by a number of certificates), personal relationships with local suppliers, the highest production standards – this is what distinguishes our brand.

Kava’s performance characteristics depend strictly on its variety and type, but there are several universal properties that can be mentioned. Kava primarily relaxes the body, reduces stress and provides deep relaxation. It helps to find inner balance. At the same time, it does not dull or disturb cognitive functions, on the contrary: it stimulates them! At night, it brings you a healthy, solid and regenerating sleep. According to the inhabitants of the South Pacific Islands, Kava also supports immunity, protects nerve cells (may help in neurodegenerative diseases) and alleviates the symptoms of menopause. In Fiji, it is traditionally regarded as the best painkiller.

Kava – due to the general characteristics of its function – is usually divided into three varietes: Heavy, Heady and Balanced. However, this traditional division can be confusing and misleading in many cases, which is why Kavaha has created its own clear and precise classification of Kava varieties. DAILY BREAK – Kava for complete relaxation and de-stress, for everyday energy and a positive attitude. Perfect for drinking during the day: it clears the mind and improves concentration. DEEP CALM – Kava for deep relaxation after a hard day, for calming down, relaxing muscles and relieving tension. Perfect for drinking in the evening: it helps you fall asleep and gives you a healthy and regenerating sleep. PERFECT BALANCE – Kava for inner balance, and purification of body and mind. Great for both inner peace and drinking together with friends: it helps to improve social relations and makes you more open to conversation.

Kavaha is available as POWDER and INSTANT. Although they differ in the method of preparation, it has no noticeable effect on the way Kava’s roots work. POWDER form refers directly to the traditional, ceremonial formula of preparing a drink, i.e. squeezing the extract by hand in a specially adapted bag. Although it requires a bit of personal commitment, it allows you to enjoy the entire preparation process: from the first to the last drop. Kava drink in the form of POWDER can also be prepared quickly with a blender. INSTANT form is a homage to the convenience and speed of preparation – Kavaha in this form is ready to be dissolved in any drink of your choice. Just mix it up!

1. Quick Method
Mix 2-3 tablespoons of Kavaha (approx. 15 g) with 250-350 ml of warm water per serving, in a standard blender. Blend on high speed setting for 5 minutes. Strain through a strainer bag. Chill your Kavaha drink or add ice and enjoy!

2. Traditional method

– Place your strainer bag inside a bowl.
– Add 2-3 tablespoons of Kavaha (approx. 15 g) per serving into the strainer bag.
– Pour 250-350 ml of warm water per serving into the strainer bag.
– Leave Kavaha for 5-10 minutes until the roots soften.
– Twist the top of the strainer bag, then knead and wring out the bag for 5-10 minutes whilst keeping it submerged in water.
– Remove the strainer bag from the bowl and save the leftover Kavaha for your next serving. 
– Chill your Kavaha drink or add ice and enjoy!

Recommended water temperature: 30-40 Celsius.

Add 1-2 tablespoons of Instant Kavaha (approx. 10 g) to your favourite drink or water. Stir well. Chill your Kavaha drink or add ice and enjoy!

Noble is not only the noble origin of Kava’s roots. It is much more for the Kavaha brand. This category covers the entire process of preparing the best roots: from careful plant and plantation selection, personal relationships with suppliers and drying and milling standards, to maintaining the highest safety standards, regular testing and certification. Only Kava selected and prepared this way guarantees the achievement of unique outcomes. It also does not cause the side effects that Tudei’s non-noble Kava may bring (e.g. nausea lasting up to two days).

Each type of Kava has a unique set of active ingredients, known as. kavalactones. It is because of their influence and thanks to their specific interaction, Kava extracts provide such unique sensations. Kavalactones effect, among others, the limbic system in the brain which is responsible for regulating the entire range of behaviours and emotional states in our body: they increase the feeling of joy and pleasure, reduce anxiety and tension, and reduce aggression whilst also limiting the generation of defensive reactions. The characteristics of a given type of Kava are determined by the chemotype formed by kavalactones. For example, Kava type VULA KASA LEKA from Fiji is characterized by the predominance of kavain and methysticin, resulting in a perfect fit with the PERFECT BALANCE variety.

Yes, Kavaha products are 100% natural. Kavaha only provides Kava roots: no enriching additives, always the best selection, carefully ground and prepared. Kavaha is 100% methystine pepper.

Kava is primarily a species of plant from the pepper family, and its Latin name is Piper methysticum. At the same time, Kava in almost every region of the Pacific, where it originally gained popularity, also gained its own, regional name. In Hawaii it functions as “awa”, on the Samoan islands as “ava”, elsewhere as “grog”, “yaqona” or “sakau”. But it always means the same: the path to inner balance and harmony with nature!

Kavaha provides only the best types of Kava from a variety of islands, including, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Samoa and contains (in PERFECT BALANCE and DEEP CALM varieties) from 12% to 14% of kavalactones.

Kava’s effect over time is another factor that distinguishes it from sleeping pills or alcohol. Not only does it not dull the senses, but it also allows the body to tune in to the positive effects of the kavalactones contained in it. We call this phenomenon reverse tolerance. The body will not need ever increasing doses of Kava to reap the same benefits. In fact, it will act in the opposite way: over time, your body will respond more effectively to smaller amounts of Kava. For example, to sleep better, we will use the spicy beverage less and less. Thanks to this, we will not become addicted to it.

Kava is not recommended in cases of: pregnancy and breastfeeding; liver disease or if you are taking medications for the liver; planned surgery – Kava can dangerously increase the effects of anaesthesia; taking sedatives and sleeping pills, especially from the benzodiazepine group (e.g. alprazolam, diazepam, clonazepam and others) – Kava can dangerously increase their effects; taking medications that are metabolized by the liver – Kava may alter the liver’s metabolic rate and affect the concentration of these medications. Exceeding the recommended daily intake may affect the ability to drive and use machinery.

Kava works best on an empty stomach. It is best to consume it 3 to 4 hours after a meal.

Dizziness or nausea may occur with excessive consumption of methystine pepper (dose higher than recommended). Long-term use of Kava can dry out the skin.