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Kava Kava Bag – Kavaha EASY Bag


Material: nylon – polyamide
Dimensions: approx. 15x 25 cm

A bag for the traditional, handmade preparation of Kava. Dedicated to both beginners and experienced Kava fans who want to enjoy the full effects of Kava. The EASY BAG is easy and pleasant to squeeze and has a large mesh size – 125 microns! This allows the pressed Kava to have a higher level of active ingredients (kavalactones).

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Thanks to the nylon material the bag is easy to knead, even with large root weights.

The high-capacity mesh ensures greater saturation of the extract with Kava’s active ingredients and a clearer experience.

Seal secured with string at the top.

Designed for repeated use – regular cleaning required.



To prepare Kava (in Powder form) in the traditional way:

  • Place the bag in a bowl.
  • Pour 2-3 tablespoons of Kava into the bag (approximately 15 g per serving).
  • Pour warm water into the bag – recommended temperature is 30-40 degrees Celsius – 250-350 ml.
  • Leave the bag with the Kava in the water until the ground roots have soaked and softened – 5-10 minutes is enough.
  • Pull the bag down with the strings at the top. Start kneading and squeezing the Kava – keeping the bag in water or soaking regularly – spend 5-10 minutes doing this until the water is saturated with Kava. It should have a distinctly brownish colour.
  • Remove the bag – the used portion can be set aside for re-use.

If you don’t drink the Kava straight away, a sediment may appear in the pot after a while (as in juice). Just stir and the Kava is ready again! Bula!